Yoga for People with Parkinson's Disease

Yoga for Parkinson's Disease helps to build confidence and muscle strength, improves balance and reduces anxiety. Classes are one on one to best focus on your needs and abilities. I can come to your home to create an atmosphere where you feel relaxed and comfortable. You will have a clear program to work on in between sessions to support your practice.

Yoga for All Abilities

I have been teaching yoga for over 16 years and have been working with people of different abilities for 8 years. The student will receive a program that is tailor made for their physical needs and help develop skills to support positive behavior outcomes. Yoga can give a person time to rest, to listen and slow down. I would love to speak with you about how yoga can help support you or someone you care about.

I offer one on one yoga classes for people of all abilities. Jill 0416 949 983