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Yoga For Kids 

Classes are available by private booking for early education centres, day cares and schools throughout the school terms.

Yoga benefits all ages and the younger a child starts, the earlier those benefits filter in to their school experiences and lives.  The poses stretch muscles and strengthen core support, improving posture.  Children are then guided to put the poses in to motion.  Including movement and dance helps them to develop coordination and body awareness.  It's also fun! Classes include relaxation exercises to help improve focus;  these skills are important for studying and self-confidence. 

Yoga encourages children to accept themselves as they are.  They learn that no one child’s pose has to look like another’s; each is unique.  Through playing the part of different animals and plants, yoga helps connect children to the world around them.

The goal is for them to learn yoga and movement while still being allowed to be kids.  Swadyaya (self-study) is one aspect of yoga children can explore through self expression and creativity.

Rates for sessions: 1 session is 30 mins and is $35.  A minimum of 2 sessions per day.

Early learners (ages 2-3): 15 mins.  (Early learners are often split in to smaller groups for 2 classes at 15 mins each).

Pre-school (ages 3-6): 30 mins.