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Yoga is a healing art that has helped people holistically for centuries.  Everyone, no matter what age, how flexible or stiff, can benefit from yoga.  Yoga relieves stress, increases energy and can improve outlook.  A consistent yoga practice strengthens the lower back, opens tight shoulders and hips and promotes an overall sense of well being and health.  You will be surprised at how yoga affects not only the body but emotions, the mind and spirit; how learning stability, suppleness and strength in the body can transcend to and transform other aspects of life.  
What to expect in my classes:  A friendly atmosphere and adaptive approach.  We flow from one pose to the next building heat and a connection to breath and our centre.  As we are all different, I try to offer modifications to meet various physical needs and abilities.  The students are encouraged to listen to their bodies so they know when to go for a challenge and when the challenge is, to modify or rest.  My goal is to create a fun yoga room where we explore and grow.

About the teacher, Jill Rosenthal Day

Jill's passion for yoga is within the way yoga can heal and nourish the spirit through aligning and freeing the body. How yoga gives you strength and flexibility from the inside out. Jill was first introduced to yoga while studying drama and movement at New York University over 20 years ago. Yoga made her feel so centered and good that it quickly became her main focus.  After 10 years of regular practice she decided to become a yoga teacher. This decision sent her to India where she traveled and studied for a year. Jill was first certified to teach at Yoga Vidya Dham, from the Bihar lineage, in 2007. She went on to complete 2 more years of study at YogaWorks in New York City and later Los Angeles in the United States. In Los Angeles she studied under her mentor, Julie Kleinman; there she learned an intelligent flow yoga that contributes to her teaching style. Other teachers that have influenced her are Annie Carpenter and Donna Farhi. Now a mother of two, her practice has changed and grown. She continues to explore how yoga can enhance the way we express ourselves and live life.